Ready Mix Concrete

We are a leading supplier of ready mix concrete in Connecticut with nine ready-mix concrete plants located throughout the state. Our goal is to exceed expectations by providing superior service and quality products. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and technology offering customized service options such as:

  • Individual Assigned Customer Service Reps.
  • Automated Daily Order Review
  • Concrete Order Books and Project Cards
  • Flex Scheduling Order Options
  • Emergency After Hours Availability
  • Advanced Computer systems for batch control
  • Delivery and job tracking to ensure timely delivery of the highest quality product

Tilcon’s quality control experts carry out ongoing testing of our materials and continually monitor our products quality. We work closely with our customers and engineers on projects that specify the use of advanced ready mix concrete design strengths and technical requirements.

If you need assistance estimating the ready mix concrete requirements for your project, access our concrete calculator.

For all sales inquiries:
Northern CT 860-612-5115
Central CT 860-612-5116
Southern CT 860-612-5117

When you are ready to place your concrete order you can reach our Customer Service Dispatch Center on our dedicated Ready Mix toll free number 888-TILCONN (888-845-2666), locally at 860-225-7801, or fax us at 860-612-3949.


In order to help deliver your product “On Time & In Spec” we have developed the following guidelines to help you when placing your order:

  • We encourage orders to be placed 48hrs in advance to accommodate your scheduling needs
  • All orders must be placed through the Customer Service Dispatch Center to ensure all details of the order are correct
  • Try to have as much of the following information available for the Customer Service Representative as possible:
    • Job location and directions – give a side or cross street
    • Yardage – try to be as close in yardage as possible
    • What you are pouring and truck spacing
    • Mix/Mix ID # and Additives
    • Contact name and phone number
Standard Concrete Mixes – Designed With 3/4″ Maximum Sized Aggregates
Standard Mixes 2500 psi
3000 psi
3500 psi
4000 psi
5000 psi (Incl. Super)
Environmentally – Concious commercial and residential mixes
EccoCon – C
Designed for Commercial Building Projects
EccoCon – R
Designed for Residential Building Projects
EccoCon – P
Designed for Pervious Concrete Applications
EccoCon – T
Designed for any application using SCC ternary blends
EccoCon – F
Designed for Flowable fill and “Controlled Low Strength Material” (CLSM) applications, including:

  • FloCon™ Standard
  • FloCon™Fast
  • FloCon™ Pump
Connecticut D.O.T. Mixes State Class A
State Class C
State Class F
State Class S (Incl. Super)
Grout Mixes 1-4 Grout
1-3 Grout
1-2 Grout
Flowable Fill FLOCON™ – Standard
FLOCON™ – Fast
FLOCON™ – Pump
Road Base Materials 24 Hour Road Mixes
48 Hour Road Mixes
Lightweight Aggregate Mixes 2500 psi
3000 psi
3500 psi
4000 psi
Concrete Admixtures Non-Chloride Accelerator 1%
Non-Chloride Accelerator 2%
High Range – Superplasticizer
Mid Range – Superplasticizer
Fiber Products Various fiber products available as specified.
Call for details.
Colored Concrete Colored concrete products available as specified.
Call for details.
Concrete Blocks Various size blocks available.
Call for details.