Owner: City of Meriden
General Contractor: Tilcon Connecticut Inc.
Start Date: 8/23/2021
Completion Date: 10/21/2021
Subcontractors or Key Contractors: Moulison Electrical: Airport Lighting, All Seasons: Hydroseed, Santoro: Asphalt Maintenance, Safety Marking: Pavement Markings

Materials Used on Project and Quantities:

  • 9,200 Tons HMA
  • 9,100 SY milling
  • 194 new lights installed
  • 20 new signs installed

Project Summary:

This project included reclaiming the runway and holding bay 10” and then removing excess material to bring the runway to the proposed grade. There was an add alternate awarded for the milling of Taxiway A. The electrical package was extensive on this municipal airport and required work throughout the entire contract duration to complete. The final pavement course was 2 – 2” lifts of HMA. The runway and taxiways were then painted with permanent markings to complete the project. 925 CY of topsoil was required to be brought in and hydroseed placed to establish turf. The project had a 60 day duration and throughout this the airport was closed. The project was completed on time and turned over to the airport within 60 days.


  • Airport Rehabilitation